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Pet Products


Pet Food Packaging Machine



Pet food packaging machine also called pet food packing machine is widely used in pet food, pet snacks, cat food, cat snacks, dog food, dog snacks, fish food, bird food bag packing. When producing pet food, pet food packaging machine would be used to pack dry cat food, dry dog food, dry fish food, dry bird food or wet cat food, wet dog food in doy pack, zipper bag, pillow bag, gusseted bag, flat bottom bag and quad seal bag from 50gr to 5000gr. IAPACK pet food packaging machine is designed to meet various needs of pet food, cat food, dog food, fish food, bird food packing on pet food industry.


Different types of pet food packaging machine

IAPACK manufactures different types of pet food packaging machines. Both premade bag packaging machine and VFFS bag packaging machine are available from us to meet different types of pet food packaging requirement. Furthermore, we are also able to provide custom made pet food packaging machines per client’s specifications.