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Sales manager (1)


1. Under the leadership of the sales headquarters, work closely with all departments to complete the work.

2. Strictly abide by the company's rules and regulations, and play an exemplary role everywhere.

3. Make sales plan.

4. Determine sales policies.

5. Design the sales model.

6. Recruitment, selection, training and deployment of sales staff.

7. Inspection and evaluation of sales performance.

8. Sales channel and customer management.

9. Financial management, countermeasures to prevent bad debts and recovery of accounts.

10. Timely summarize and report the sales situation and put forward reasonable Suggestions.




Domestic trade staff (2)


1. Male, aged from 25 to 40.

2. Some sales experience.

3. good at using the brain, self-motivated, willing to bear hardships, work hard.




Foreign trade staff (2)


1. College degree or above, cet-4 or above, excellent in listening, speaking, reading and writing.

2. More than half a year working experience in foreign trade, working experience in alibaba platform.

3. Outgoing, with strong affinity and communication skills.

4. Responsible, proactive, strong sense of responsibility and executive ability, good team spirit and professional dedication.

5. excellent conditions can apply for the company's foreign trade director.




Machining center engineer (2)


1. Male, over 24 years old, high school or technical school or above;

2. more than two years of experience in the operation of the processing center, machine maintenance and maintenance;

3. Familiar with FANUC system programming, able to read drawings and be familiar with related tools and measuring tools;

4. Abide by discipline and law, bear hardships and stand hard work, work seriously, modest and studious, have the sense of teamwork and responsibility.




Bench work (5)


Requirements: male, 20-45 years old, high school (technical secondary school) or above, willing to bear hardships, a strong sense of responsibility, active work, relevant work experience is preferred, welcome the outstanding graduates to join.




General turning workers (3)


Requirements: male, can bear hardships and stand hard work, a strong sense of responsibility, can be proactive, skilled operation of machine tools, relevant mechanical work experience.




Quality inspector (3)


1. Technical secondary school or above, more than one year's work experience in quality inspection,3 persons;

2. Familiar with the use of various tools and tools, and able to read the drawings;

3. Able to work independently, familiar with assembly process as soon as possible, principled and open-minded;

4. Abide by discipline and law, bear hardships and stand hard work, work seriously, modest and studious, have the sense of teamwork and responsibility




Production clerk (1)


1. Responsible for production statistics.  

2. I am active and earnest in work and have a strong sense of responsibility.  

3. Hard-working and team spirit.

4. Familiar with computer and office software, proficient in Word, Excel or WPS.

5. Working experience is preferred.