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IAPACK V/F/F/S Solutions For Short Pasta Packaging
IAPACK has been packaging pasta for over 20 years. Over the years pasta has been packaged in many type of packaging styles from pillow bags, to traditional direct carton filling to more premium styles in flat bottom style bags with the gable top folded or clipped.
Depending on the style of pasta, it is generally filled by cup feeder or scale. For pasta that is uniform in size such as elbows, IAPACK can offer our ZCP cup filler for a low cost and efficient dosing. The cup filler can be mounted over a IAPACK bagger or a IAPACK vertical 
cartoner for a compact and small footprint. This solution offers a single control platform via the HMI. A scale can also be used for other products that tend to nest or have unique shape. In this case we work with a variety of scale manufactures to offer a turn-key solution.
There are many different package styles IAPACK can offer with our family of continuous motion Vertical Form, Fill, Seal Machines from simple pillow style bags to flat bottom style bags with a shelf ready appearance. Continuous motion is offered for pasta for gentle product handling and increased output. For a more premium look IAPACK offers the  Brick pack machine. Some of the premium styles are flat bottom style bags flat bottom style bags with the top clipped 
and fanned, top folded and held with reclosable tape or tin-tie and many more…
IAPACK can offer a traditional bag and box line with a horizontal cartoner or a vertical cartoner, CMV, which offers direct fill into a carton or bag and box. In conjunction with our cup feeders, and baggers this is a winning turn-key solution with one control platform.
Case Packing
In addition to filling and bag making, IAPACK manufactures secondary automatic packaging machinery. We can deliver a complete automatic turnkey packaging line for dosing, bag making, coding, inspection, cartoning and casing. The turnkey solution is engineering and built in one facility with a common workforce. This minimizes complication and risk for the turnkey solution. 
our experience and engineering to ensure proper execution of machines, common manufacture and workforce for your application. Our sales team will be ready assist you in finding your ideal packaging solution for pasta.