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Importance of packaging


Importance of packaging

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1, protect the goods: the protection of goods is one of the important role of product packaging. Products in the circulation process, may be affected by a variety of external factors, causing commodity damage, pollution, leakage or deterioration. Scientific and reasonable packaging can make commodities resist the destruction of various external factors.
2. Function ii: facilitating circulation: packaging provides conditions and convenience for product circulation. The product according to certain quantity, shape, specifications, size and different containers for packaging, and usually a variety of logo on the outside of the commodity packaging, reflect the packaging of goods name, quantity, specifications, color, and the overall packing size, gross weight, net weight, producer name and address, and the matters needing attention in the storage and transportation, both for the allocation of resources and goods inventory count, also is advantageous to the effect of storage and transportation, improve the economic benefits of the product.
3, to promote sales: exquisite product packaging, can play a beautification of goods, goods and promote the role of sales. Packaging can not only improve the market competitiveness of goods, but also attract customers with its novel and unique artistic charm, guide consumption, become the master of promoting consumers to buy
4, convenient consumption: packaging with different products, a variety of forms, easy for consumers to carry, save and use. The drawing, trademark and text description on the package not only facilitate the identification of consumers, but also introduce the composition, nature, use, use and storage method of the commodity, playing a role of convenience and guiding consumption.
5, cost saving: reasonable packaging can make scattered goods in a certain number of forms of integration, so as to greatly improve the loading capacity and convenient loading and unloading transportation, can save transportation costs, storage costs and other expenses. Some of the packaging can also be recycled many times, saving packaging materials and packaging container production, is conducive to reducing costs and improving economic benefits.
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