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Pre-Made Pouch Packaging Machine


Product name

Pre-Made Pouch Packaging Machine

Product description

Pre-made pouch fill and seal machine, composed of 8 working stations of efficiency and stability, emphasizes the package of stand-up bag, zipper bag, spout bag, and various pre-made pouches. Cooperated with different dosing systems (combination weigher/ linear weigher/ auger screw/ piston filler) and automatic lifting conveyors, it is widely applied to granules, liquid, and powder.


Working Stations


Some of the working stations in the left sketch are optional and customizable. Take zipper bag as an example as below:

1st bag feeding station

2nd code printing station

3rd zipper opening station

4th product filling and vibrating station

5th zipper closing station

6th buffering and dust cleaning station

7th bag sealing station

8th bag forming and outputting station 



·        ●Equipped with dosing system to achieve precise product measuring and filling
●Assembled with elevator to lift material automatically
●SIEMENS PLC and touch screen, easy for operation
●Schneider frequency converter and SMC cylinder
●Full 304# stainless steel construction, able to be cleaned by rinsing
●Self-diagnosis: no filling or sealing when it is detected that the bag is not open or not open completely or when there’s lack of bags
●Auto-alarming or stop if there’s something wrong with the air pressure or heating elements


Technical Data    



Working Stations Number


Pre-made Pouch Types

Heat sealable premade side seal bags, like gusseted bag, flat bottom bags, zipper bags, stand-up bags, spout bags, etc.

Pre-made Pouch Size

Width: 80 to 220mm (3.15” to 8.66”)

Length: 100 to 300mm (3.94” to 11.81”)


35 to 40bpm (depending on product and pouches)

Filling Range

10 to 2500g (depending on the product)

Power Consumption


Air Consumption

0.6 m³/min (supplied by the user)


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